Ibo Life & Relationships

ibo living conditions

In the past, homes used to have mud walls and thatched roofs in Igbo villages. Today, however, homes have changed considerably. Now homes are constructed of cement blocks with corrugated iron roofs. Electricity has been brought to the Igbo culture and TV sets and radio are commonplace. Villages also have running water, although it is not connected to every house.

An Igbo Obi; the large living quarters for the heads of families

family life & relationships

Under the practice of polygyny, many Igbo men have more than one wife. A successful man marries many wives as he can support. This involves providing farm plots to help the women and their children make a living. The polygynous family is made up of a man and his wives and all their children. Beyond that unit is the extended family and their parents, wives, and unmarried daughters. Ideally, all the members of the extended family live in one large compound.

In recent years, the Igbo family has changed because of Christian influence. Among Igbo professionals, it is trendy to have the nuclear family with its own residence.




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